Meet the DJs

I am DJ Master Renegade founder , manager and owner of MXTR FM Have been DJing for a little over 30 years now I play many styles and mixtures of music. I have been playing in the VA , DC , MD area as a club and mobile entertainer. My experience includes clubs , bars , weddings and all types of functions from corporate to private events. I currently host different shows on and on  You can follow me on Facebook , Twitter , Instagram and Mixcloud at DJ Master Renegade/MXTR FM.  Also please make sure that you follow us on and please don't forget to like and share.  Also please check out my mixes on    

DJ D Brklyn began his career in New York City. He has traveled and held residencies in the United Kingdom and in the U.S. He enjoys spinning an eclectic selection of genres but prefers House music.

Ady Crampton 

Listening to and playing music has always been a large part of my life.

I bought my first vinyl in 1974 aged 7, by 1983 I was immersed in the UK scooter scene and began attending the rallies which boasted ex-Wigan Casino DJs on their all-nighter line-up.

There was so much music that I hadn’t heard before and of course, as there was a record bar in each venue, my record collection increased although never as much as my wants list. I really get a kick out of sharing my passion for music and have enjoyed playing my 70s soul, funk and disco records to the world ever since

Neil Tilk aka Dj Midway

Has been labeled by his fans as “The Music Man” because he speaks
with song. He is a writer, visionary and has also been proclaimed a “retired Casanova”. He
speaks the language of love with the best of them.
He turns thoughts and feelings into messages. His audience loves him for his depth,caring and
empathy. He instinctively knows how someone is feeling... He is not your average DJ as he
delivers his show from his own heart and soul.
DJ Midway is the host of the “Neil in the middle show”. His show is heard right here
Wednesday evenings 
A professionally trained DJ with over 1000 hours of live radio appearances. A recognized
scholar with over 5000 hours of class time. He mostly considers himself a student of human
nature who seeks the absolute life. You should hear his doctrine.
Neil believes that everything we need to know and feel in life can be found in a song. He
describes his show as “life depicted by song”.
DJ Midway may be his handle but there is no half measures with this man. He is all into
providing the best entertainment there is, and we think he is correct. The Neil in the Middle show
It is time best spent. …. Wednesday 8:30  to 10:30 PM EST right here on radio.

DJ Nolan D

Born and raised in Brooklyn N,Y I was influenced by many genres of music. I hosted many parties and events over the years with House music being the forefront of my mixing. I enjoy sharing my music mixes with the world. I am also a born again Christian and have given my life to Jesus Christ

Please follow him on

DJ Grumpy

Involved with music most of his life, Pat started playing musical instruments and singing when he was a pre-teen. To this day, music helps him remain young at heart.
As an over-fed, long haired leaping gnome, and an over 40 victim of fate, Pat enjoys the occasional bottle of wine. Why stop at just one glass?
Pat has worked in project management for over 25 years, and has been married to the same woman for longer than she cares to remember. He says he is not really that grumpy, just surrounded by people that are too damn happy. The name of his show is "Anything Goes Show


“Playing Everything From Aerosmith to ZZ Top and Keeping the Classic’s Classic.”
That’s how JB starts most of his shows. His humor with those occasional “rental lips” days and his
insatiable desire to learn and share the music, the bands, their facts and stories makes for an upbeat,
fun and informative “JB In The Morning” show. When he isn’t participating in his favorite pastimes (golf,
traveling and video games) he is spending a tremendous amount of time researching, developing and
airing his shows.
JB’s interest in music began as a kid with playing brass instruments and several other instruments and
that developed into being in several different bands throughout the years. After retiring from the
construction industry and several other businesses’, he started doing voiceovers. It just so happened an
owner of a radio station heard him and strongly suggested he start his own show and that is how “JB In
The Morning” was born.
For JB it’s all about Classic Rock that, without realizing it, you are rockin’ out right along with him. Other
music (other than country) is great too but Classic Rock is his passion.
“More Rock – Less Talk”

My name is June Moone. Yep, that is my real name, and there is an interesting story behind it. Not just because it is the same name as a comic book and DC Villainess. Promise! I was born and raised on The Atlantic Coast of Nova Scotia Canada, for most of my life until I moved here to this beautiful country of America. I have been here officially for a year now and Settled in Lakewood, Colorado. My Mother (RIP) moved here over 15 years ago with her late husband who served in the Canadian and British Navy in WW2, flying the the most amazing bomber planes of that century. He then moved to Seattle, then Colorado where he was Boeing Flight and Maintenance Tech Instructor. 

I have past experience in Media and Entertainment. Have a Degree in Computer Animation and audio editing along with my prowess in the kitchen as a 4 star cook with a specialty in authentic Japanese. Illness and injuries changed that career path pretty quickly, unfortunately.

I have always had an affinity for radio and TV, having been on two major TV Shows on SYFY and the History channel as background talent . My rise to fame has been everything short of well… fame. Still working on that part.

So here I am now, living my dream and where I should have been all along, bringing you good music every Saturday for your listening pleasure.

Many thanks in advance for Listening